Want to Learn How to Sail?

Don’t go it alone! There are so many great resources and courses available today to help you learn at your own pace and take sailing in the direction you’d like to go.

It’s helpful, but not essential to decide early on whether you’d like to sail in small boats (usually one or two person sailing dinghies or catamarans), or larger ones (keelboats, or large multi-hulls). But at the end of the day, the sailor of a one-person Laser is doing just the same basic things as those on a round-the-world, or America’s Cup racing yacht (and in fact many successful small boat sailors have crossed over to the highest levels of big-boat sailing). A benefit of crewing on a bigger boat is that it is probably the cheapest way to get into sailing, as you don’t need to buy your own boat and also you will be surrounded by more experienced sailors whom you can learn sailing tips from. It’s also a very nice way to see the world! Small boats offer the chance to take full control of the boat, incredible exhilaration and lure of Olympic glory – should you be keen!

American Sailing Association (ASA)

The ASA provides standards for progressive sailing certification programs, including:
  • Keelboat Sailing
  • Small Boat Sailing
  • Multihull Sailing

The American Sailing Association is dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts. With an ASA certified sailing school, you’ll learn how to sail from professionals to get the most rigorous, safety-first education and the best sailing instruction available. The ASA has over 300 affiliated sailing schools located throughout the U.S., as well as in Europe, Japan, Central America, Taiwan, China, and other far eastern countries. To date ASA schools have certified nearly half a million sailors!

Yachting Australia

Yachting Australia’s Discover Sailing Days are FREE to attend at most local sailing clubs, who look forward to welcoming you and showing you how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is. Participating at a Discover Sailing Day is a fantastic way to have a great day out with your partner, friends, work colleagues or family at the club and even enjoy a short sail. All boats and safety equipment are provided by the Club.
Discover Sailing Experiences give you the chance to enjoy a fun, three-hour sail for a minimal fee, without the technical elements of a course. Ask your partner, a group of friends or work colleagues to join you and make it a team effort. Afterwards you can enjoy the great social environment of the club. Some clubs even offer a BBQ or meal as part of the Discover Sailing Experience.
Notably, through Discover Sailing you can also find out about Sailability programs offered by some sailing clubs, assisting people of all-abilities to get into sailing.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

The RYA is the UK national body for all forms of boating under power or sail, including dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising. However, there are over 2,200 RYA recognised training centres in more than 44 countries.The RYA has a huge range of courses for all types of boating, ranging from small boat sailing, to sail cruising and everything in between. RYA qualifications are known and respected the world over, whether you are a recreational boater, a globetrotting professional, or would like to work in the yachting industry.

 Sailing for Kids (Optimist sailing ebook) Sailing for Kids (Optimist sailing ebook)

Sailing for Kids is aimed at children aged 8-15 years. Easy-to-understand, with helpful photographs and diagrams. It’s based on the Optimist dinghy.

Learn how to sail a Keelboat DVD - Basics of Sailing

Learn How to Sail DVD – Basics of Sailing

The DVD version of this excellent video by renowned sailing instructor Penny Whiting, which focuses on keelboat sailing.

Sailing Made Easy learn how to sail book - from The American Sailing Association (ASA)


Sailing Made Easy

This classic sailing instruction book has received an amazing average 4.9 out of 5 stars in customer reviews on Amazon, so you know it is excellent.